The act of creating is my passion.  Creating an abstract with acrylics is an engaging experience  in which I rely on the fundamental elements of shapes, forms, shadows, colors, values and textures.  It’s a process of the addition and subtraction of these elements until

they unite in a fascinating vision.  Because of my background in photography, my abstracts will usually have the same type of compositions.

      The constant balancing of aethetics is my goal and I am thrilled when viewers tell me what they see in the works because everyone has different life experiences which filter their perceptions.   


       I am inspired by the  colors and shapes in water, clouds, wood, oil spills, peeled paint, rust, shadows and everyday objects.  My wish is that the viewer will see something of beauty that is unique to them and stir their emotions, hopefully in a desired way.

                                                                             All Paintings are available in many sizes of Giclee on canvas or metal.