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     Harrie still resides in Tucson, Arizona where she was born.  After attending one photography and one art class in high school, she decided to pursue a career in art education.


     She earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Arizona with an emphasis on art education and photography. She was the first art student to receive a scholarship in recognition of a photo portfolio and she concluded her UA education with the “Outstanding Student in Fine Arts” recognition upon graduation.


     During her university years, she studied with master photographers Jack Welpott, Todd Walker, and Harold Jones and was inspired by their work. Her volunteer work at the UA Center for Creative Photography allowed her the opportunity to meet Ansel Adams.


     Harrie began after graduation, teaching high school and middle school photography for twenty-eight years.  She also taught Art for Personal Development at night for Pima Community College.


     After retirement, she was contracted to lead two commercial interior design projects, and was able to concentrate on her painting which is now her preferred art form. While her original emphasis was oil painting, she currently paints mostly in acrylic.   


     In her abstract painting, she is inspired daily by the shapes and forms, textures, shadows and color seen in water, clouds, peeling paint, shadows and ordinary objects.  Harrie does improvisational painting and tries to incorporate a sense of beauty in every work. 


     In her abstract painting, she is inspired daily by the shapes and forms, textures, shadows and color seen in water, clouds, peeling paint, rust, shadows, wood and ordinary objects. In her Female Forms paintings, she explores how women wear different hats for roles they play or for the persona in which they would like to be viewed. There is an element of female sensuality and beauty in her female forms. Each image shows a contrast between realism and abstraction, emphasizing that the two can exist harmoniously, just like the idea of a sensual, beautiful woman existing while fulfilling other roles in her life.  In her Infrared Frozen Dreams photography series, the images appear to have been extracted from a dream world.  An unseen, surreal world of mystery, fantasy, ethereal beauty and extraordinary light.


     Harrie is a member of the Contemporary Artist Society (CAS),  Southern Arizona Artist Guild (SAAG),  International Society of Acrylic Painters, a Signature member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG), and an Agave member of the Contemporary  Artists of Southern Arizona (CASA),

     She has had four solo shows and continues to win awards for her paintings and photographs.  Her favorite award was a Lifetime Membership to Artworkarchive.com from the "International Society of Acrylic Painters 2020 All-Member Online Exhibition."

     No matter the form—painting, photography, interior design, or edible chocolate works—Harrie’s creative abilities and attention to detail offers viewers truly beautiful art.