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Artist Statement

Identifying the roles a woman plays is arbitrary and capricious.  Like all women, I find that I wear many hats.  Hats can represent how we view ourselves in the different roles women play.  However,  a hat can also represent how we wish to present ourselves to others and may  project a completely different persona. When the naked female form is viewed, she is seen as a sex symbol or a beautiful form.  When she wears a hat, she then projects her identity and her character.  I started this series with these thoughts, and sometimes removed the hat when the face showed enough character that the beauty of her body was secondary. As I became more involved in my images, realistic representation became more pronounced.  The contrast of realism and abstraction in one image emphasizes that the two can coexist harmoniously, just like the idea of a sexy, beautiful woman existing while also fulfilling the other roles in her life.

All paintings are available in many sizes of giclée on canvas or metal.

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