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"Harrie’s art sounds the depth of moments — be they sensual, spiritual, contemplative, or shrouded in an evocative abstract.  Her pieces are as timeless as they are transcendant, merging styles and crossing boundaries such that every subject seems at once intensely familiar and curiously comfortable, yet tantalizingly original.  I can spot one of Harrie’s works from across a crowded gallery, because it draws me into its ambience instantly.  Poses convey fluid form and raw scintillating emotion within a sliver of frozen time.  When faces are present, their intricacy captivates the viewer, just as the intensity of their gaze makes it impossible to look away.  Windows shed light on spaces that beckon to be explored, filled with textures that foster the credulity of a waking dream.  Flowers radiate such rich detail that the striations of their petals beg to be seen as living and breathing; one can almost smell their perfume, or feel the caress of velvet skin lurking just beneath the lustrous sheen of a warm bath.  Color flows from one shade to the next, to playfully suggest a world defined only by hue, or to offer a visage so true to one’s memories of life tinted through the lens of personal perspective that the premise of photorealism takes on new dimensions.  Harrie does not just create works of art; she crafts dreams.  Each piece curates a second of the soul, whereupon it is not merely viewed, but experienced—vicariously and vividly remembered. "

— Nate Tonnessen-Marler

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